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tool of self-discovery and emotional growth. His work displays a visual record of self expression and communication through art.


Having worked closely with various mental health charities and organisations Michael plans to continue sharing his story order to combat the stigmas around mental health and bring forward his message to an ever growing audience.

Michael J Carter is an outsider Artist based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. His work predominantly focuses on the area of mental health, using past and present life experiences to encourage discussion and promote awareness.


Having battled with anxiety and panic attacks throughout his adult life Michael has spent large parts of his formative years looking for a so-called miracle cure. As time has passed so has the search, coming to terms with the fact that mental health is a part of his being and something that many of us will have to face in life.

Art is his therapy, a calming force able to override the panic. The repetitive nature of his work and use of pattern has a meditative quality and is used as a

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