The Call of the Void, 2017

  • 'L’appel du vide', literally ‘the call of the void’ is a French phrase used to refer to intrusive thoughts or the urge to engage in a destructive behaviour during everyday life. Ever felt the urge to swerve into oncoming traffic, or feeling the urge to jump of a cliff whilst standing at its peak? We all experience the call of the void.

One in Three​, 2017

Statistically One in Three of us will experience a mental health problem at least once within our lifetime. Communication and awareness is the first step to banishing the stigmas.

Control Series

An exploration into structure using mediums I cannot control; including ink, watercolour and pouring acrylic.

An exploration into the irrational control our brains can have over our behaviour.

The controlling nature of anxiety has become apparent in my work, it has become over structured and my brain has begun to link drawing with a panicked state and has started to influence my behaviour. 


I need a release.

I have to make a change; to banish the anxiety in the only way I know how, to confront it head on; leave my comfort zone. Work with mediums that I cannot control, move on from the structured nature of pen and paper.

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