Anxiety is a part of my being. At home I feel safe, no stresses of the world can harm me. However when confronted with life's daily tasks and the need to leave my bubble I can panic. Journeys, meetings, shopping, work; all fill me with dread. Sketching has become my safety away from home; my coping mechanism. When I feel anxious I sketch; whether travelling, having a coffee with friends or picking up a pint of milk. I grab the nearest piece of paper and a pen and draw.

The repetitive nature of the sketches and strong use of pattern have a meditative quality and is a calming force to combat the panic.

Within Means

An exploration into life's constrictions, a visual representation of anxiety and it's many forms. Organic in nature, each piece is individual and grows of its own accord, appearing similar yet no two can ever be the same.


Using linoleum and ink as a means to confront anxieties in a visual form, the first step to regain control and begin moving forward. The work is a visual record and represents a literal imprint of past anxieties, A therapeutic process, where again no two prints the same.

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